Leadership coaching can serve a number of purposes but in my opinion, none of them are about "fixing" someone. As humans, I believe we are all naturally capable, creative, and resourceful on our own.

So, what is it?

Being a coach for leaders (or managers) begins with providing a safe space to say things which could be any number of things — actions, thoughts, and/or feelings. This helps cut through the busy front stage and reveal the backstage activity (head, heart, and gut). When done regularly with a trusted and trained coach, you will uncover needed clarity, slow down overthinking, bolster your confidence, and move you forward in your work and career.

I didn't start doing this work because I have all the answers. Quite the opposite, I have made mistakes in my work and career — a number of mistakes. But with my background as a designer (a human-centered problem solver), a manager, and a workshop facilitator, I help my clients move beyond perfectionism to see the forest for the trees, moving closer to authenticity and empathy while gliding with solid footing and confidence.

Change — lowercase c & capital C — is one of the essential forces in our lives and is best tempered with some combination of willingness to collaborate, adhere to integrity, and a balance of work/home. Change is hard, complicated, and stressful and will rear its head when you least expect it. But you can work through it with a bit of help.

Let me say that again: change is hard and you can work through it. You can do hard things. You are resilient. You can accomplish more than you possibly imagine.

I can help.


How do we get started?

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