Hello, I'm Skipper.

I'm a NYC based creative director and maker who's intensely curious, striving to solve design problems with grace & simplicity.

About Me

Skipper Chong Warson

As an award-winning director and designer, I strive to make and facilitate the crafting of enduring, remarkable and delightful human centered visual experiences — physical and digital. But above all, I believe that true and compelling work wins out over shiny shortcuts. And that openness, empathy and collaboration are key to that process of getting there.

I'm also the host of and developed the idea for Design Voices – featuring communal, diverse, and inclusive conversations with designers, managers, and strategists; amongst all levels and in all disciplines at Fjord. In addition, I'm one of the hosts of Fika – a construct that’s based on the Swedish custom that eschews the ‘on-the-go paper coffee cup’ routine in favor of slowing down and thinking through talking, featuring key luminaries and thought leaders in technology and design.

Yes, my name is actually Skipper.

Born at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, I spent most of my childhood hopping around from place to place — starting in Seoul. Growing up biracial has forged a unique perspective from which I see world. One of the wonderful consequences, for example, is seeing the utter beauty in diversity of all stripes.

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My Work

For nearly a decade, I worked as a designer in Austin, Texas — at times, it was freelance; other times, for a bigger company or agency but always in a wide swath of mediums and capacities. (Even print, remember that?)

Then, I moved to New York in 2010 to take a position with PBS Frontline as a senior interactive designer, followed by a creative director level role at the conglomerate Mediabistro, then a rough and tumble social media startup (Brabble) before I landed at Fjord. And this is where I am currently, working with a diverse team of designers, thinkers, and makers — creating work that's altogether bold and generous where I learn something new everyday.

Some of the subject areas I know best include:

  • Service
DesignService Design
  • User
ExperienceUser Experience
  • Creative
Direction, BrandingCreative Direction, Branding
  • Audio
ProductionAudio Production


Updates are coming, please stay tuned. If you want a sneak peek, just drop me a note.

Contact Me

Drop me a line and I'll reply as soon as I can — typically in one business day or less. If it cannot wait, ring me at +1 (646) 504 1384.

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