Hi there, my name is Skipper.

I am a product design leader at SoftServe, make/produce How This Works, and coach for personal development and leadership among other pursuits. 


Born at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, I spent my childhood hopping around — starting in Seoul, South Korea.

As a result of growing up in a household with two primary cultures, I view the world with its many facets through a human-centered lens. And this is where I start. I ask, Why? And often many times while striving to facilitate and craft enduring, remarkable, and delightful experiences in the world — both digital and physical.

I also find it helpful to ask, Are we solving the right problem? Because change is inevitable — stressful but inevitable — and technology or new design methodologies is but a means to an end, not the end itself.

I believe how we work and how we create our work — the path and the process — is absolutely crucial to get right because there’s nothing valiant in working unnecessarily and burning people out. Yourself included, myself included. Especially now, I’m interested in how design and its principles can provide resources for empowerment and independence in the world of today.

I've lived/worked previously in Austin, Texas as well as New York, New York. Currently, I live with my wife, daughter, and a rescue dog in the San Francisco Bay Area.


While design is at the heart of what I do, curiosity is always bubbling just below the surface

In its most simple terms, I design for human beings — whether it's a mobile screen, facilitating a workshop activity, constructing a narrative, or something else altogether.

I revel most in the collaboration and iteration of crafting experiences and processes that are enduring and delightful — this might have me rolling up my sleeves and working as a director/designer in a variety of modes, including discovery facilitation, designops, strategy, and/or research. And always at the highest level of craft & quality. Having come up professionally as a hands-on designer, I’ve seen firsthand the cost of ambiguity in setting expectations which often leads to needless overwork (which goes hand in hand with burnout, on and on). For these reasons and others, it is paramount to generally unblock and grow our careers to suit our interests and pursuits instead of vice versa. It's not just about designers, it's about all of us — read: a rising tide lifts all boats.

Underneath all of this, is a steady undercurrent of curiosity for me.

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How This Works