Hi there, my name is Skipper, and I'm a product design director.

I'm actively seeking my next challenge as a design leader, where I can combine my expertise in multi-functional collaboration, workshop facilitation, kickstarting greenfield/blue sky projects or shepherding existing ones, systems thinking, strategic visioning, and team development.

Previously, I have held leadership positions at thoughtbot (San Francisco), SoftServe, mediabistro, Sesame, and Brabble. I am also an alumnus of Fjord NY and PBS FRONTLINE, among other organizations.

I mentor on ADPList and I produce the podcast How This Works. Currently, I'm on the East Coast in Raleigh, NC, and poised to make a significant impact and drive meaningful change in my next role.

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I write on a variety of topics, including workshop techniques, reflections on design, technology, and the rapidly changing world of AI, hand-picked book recommendations, and episodes of "How This Works."


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